Our Committee

As a community preschool we rely on the generosity of parent volunteers who make up the Brentwood Preschool Association Incorporated Committee of Management. Committee members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting held in November.

The 2021 Committee of Management consists of:

President:  Sarah Swilks
Vice President : Blake Sabo
Secretary: Katherine Lukic/Jessie Havlik
Assistant Treasurer: Jia Cao
Fees Officer: Dawn Willis
Enrolments: Simone Poupard
Fundraising: Katherine Lukic/Jessie Havlik
Maintenance: Sucheta Joshi
General Committee:


The 2021 Committee of Management meeting dates are:

Thursday, 18th February
Thursday, 11th March
Thursday, 22nd April
Thursday, 13th May
Thursday, 10th June
Thursday, 15th July
Thursday, 12th August
Thursday, 08th September
Thursday, 14th October
Thursday, 11th November
Thursday, 18th November (Annual General Meeting)
Thursday, 09th December