To avoid disruption to our children, tours of Brentwood Preschool must be booked in

Tours –  At Brentwood Kinder we do not have an Open Day, we hold tours with our educators on these particular days. Please feel free to contact the kinder to register for one of these tours.

Term 1: Tues 26th Feb, Fri 1st March,  Tues 26th March, Friday 29th March

Term 2: Tues 7th May, Fri 10th May,  Tues 4th June, Friday 7th June

Term 3: Tues 6th August, Fri 9th Aug,  Tues 3rd Sept, Fri 6th Sept

Term 4: Tues 22nd Oct, Fri 25th October ,  Tues 26th November, Fri 29th November

Tuesday times are 2:30pm-3:00pm
Friday times are 12:30pm – 1:00pm

To book a tour, please call Brentwood Preschool on 9560 2735.